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Finally got around to starting Once Upon A Time!

Yes, I have finally started watching Once Upon A Time! And I must admit I have already become slightly addicted to it. Although I love the story I must admit that personally I think the editing is really bad, the effects are bad too, and the acting is not the best, but it’s not really bad, but it has something about it that you can’t stop watching. The way it changes the stories you thought you knew and puts new perspective on them. I think it is such a good story! 

I really cannot stop watching this TV show now, and that’s the sign of a brilliant show, when you can’t explain why you want to keep watching but you can explain why you shouldn’t like it. Does anyone else have that? Or is it just me? 

One aspect of the story I particularly love, is that you really can’t tell if The Mayor actually does love Henry, because I think she does, yet my friend thinks she’s cruel enough to be pretending completely. I can’t wait to see how that pans out and who I want Henry to be with in the end, his biological mother or his adoptive mother. 

Another thing I love to do, is guess who the characters are before it’s revealed from which Fairytale they belong. Some I didn’t see coming, some were easy, that’s probably the best reason I have for wanting to constantly watch this show!

One thing that I really don’t like though, I think it clashes is that it appears to be aimed at families and young people, I feel like it’s aimed at children to be honest, the way the dialogue is, and the way they set the story, and then they over sexualise things really suddenly and it almost makes me feel uncomfortable, but not in a good way, I love to be taken by surprise because it doesn’t normally happen to me, I can figure things out to easily, so when something does shock me, I think it’s brilliant. But not this, this is just un-needed and stupid. I think it really brings the whole show down a touch in ratings that I would give it anyway!
But all to their own.


It’s been a while


whoops, it’s been a while, sorry guys (like 2 of you) I’ve been super busy for a while and just had no time to even watch TV!

So I just wanted to do a quick thing, what’s everyone been watching? Anything new that’s really good? Tell me! I’m busy still but I still have time to watch some things now, I’ll make time anyway!

Okay so I haven’t spoken about Doctor Who 50th anniversary so here is TARDIS WEEKLY

So as you know I am a Whovian and proud blah blah, and so I was taken in by the excitement of the day and the episode and the story of Fall No More was brilliant but, what I will say that I will get slated for, is as much as I adore and miss David Tennant, he really didn’t have a place in that episode, and it made him look a bit useless and like he couldn’t do anything any more which made me really angry actually, but only after I’d sort of gotten over the whole excitement of it! Also, I thought the plot line with Queen Elizabeth was completely pointless and that annoyed me, I didn’t like the idea of the 10th Doctor being in love or marrying anyone but Rose, I think it ruined the whole thing that had been built up, it was un-needed! I also really didn’t like the fact that Rose wasn’t back, that it wasn’t her, but at the same time I did really enjoy Billie Pipers character, I just thought it would have been so much more interesting to have two doctors with their companions and to see how that would play out.
Don’t get me wrong the episode was brilliant and I loved it and I loved what was done for us in the fandom and I love what was done in TV in general I thought it was such a mile stone and one I was proud to be a part of, and Matt Smith was just outstanding. Doctor Who, you did good, you should be proud!

For anyone who didn’t see it The Five(ish) Doctors…Watch it. It was just brilliant and almost everyone was involved it was outstanding and it really was something special! So if you haven’t seen it yet, look that up and watch it! You won’t regret it 🙂



Finally, it’s out on time

Guys, I have finally caught up, I have now seen every episode of Doctor Who since 2005, it’s taken me since late May, but actually I did most of it in a week :’)
And next week, I start on Classic Who!!!

I would like to make this blog about the complexity of the story lines in Who and how that changes with the changes of Doctors. For example, personally I feel that apart from the ‘Bad Wolf’ storyline, series one with Eccles-cake (Christopher Eccleston) as the Doctor, there isn’t that complicated a story running through it, although there are some truly brilliant episodes in that series ‘The Empty Child’ is actually one of my all time favourites! So in no way am I saying because they’re not complicated it’s any worse!
Okay so now, series 2, T Dawg (David Tennant) is the Doctor, mine and many peoples favourite Doctor! Here is where everything starts to get a bit more complicated, they carry on virtually all story lines and add a thousand new ones which all over lap and here is where you have to learn your history of the Doctor, here is where I would say Doctor Who changes from being a Series to a Flexi-Narrative drama.
Then just when you thought it couldn’t become more difficult or brilliant, here comes the Walking Chin (Matt Smith). Now I didn’t think I would but I adore Matt Smith’s Doctor, I really do, and this series becomes one of the most Complex TV Dramas I have ever seen, they give him series 5 to keep it simple and then as soon as it hits series 6 it just explodes with complexity! And they carry that right through to series 7.
So why is this? I actually think it’s mainly because of the fan base they have obtained, I don’t think they were expecting to get as many massive fans as they did in the first series, so they kept it simple so you could just pick it up and watch it if it was on, they when they discovered that they had gained a huge amount of fans who they (they being the various writers and producers) obviously trusted those fans to remain loyal, which they did, so it resulted in an increase of complex story lines that carry through many episodes even though 2 or more series. And then when they gained a monumental amount more fans, their own Fandom (Whovians) in fact, throughout T Dawgs time as the Doctor, when little Matty arrived to take over, the writers, mainly Steven Moffat now decided it was time to really lay it on because he knew that us Whovians would stick to it and keep watching and we love complicated!
Keep it up Whovians!



I am so bad at getting these out on time but again, here’s my “weekly” Doctor Who blog


I’m sorry but how underrated and short was the death of Amy and Rory! I mean what? One final episode and that’s it, no big ‘to be continued’? Excuse me what? I thought Amy was supposed to be ridiculously important she’s the Doctors best friend, they’re the parents of the doctors wife, they are important characters and in my opinion they were not given a good enough ending!
“Angels take Manhattan” don’t get me wrong was a good episode, I just don’t like the fact that after all the fighting, they gave in to it and the angels got them, true doctor fashion would have found a way to get them back. Maybe the fact that I watched that episode and then I didn’t have to wait half the year for the Christmas special I just watched it so maybe I didn’t have the time to think about it? Feel free to comment if that’s what you think it is.
There’s something I’d like to say about Amy too, I know she loved Rory of course but I think there should have been a bigger Doctor Amy relationship, because I felt like it always could have been but never was? Anyone else get this? There was always the little tricks or words that they did when she would be talking and you didn’t know if it was about Rory or the Doctor and that was clever, but maybe some of them should have been for the Doctor because I felt like she loved the Doctor like she couldn’t ever love Rory, and what’s with ‘The Girl Who Waited’, she waited what, 36 years? Rory waited 2000, so should she really have that name?
I think not.

Well this has turned out to be a Amy rant, but seriously I love Amy and Rory I just think that they missed a few things that could have made things a lot better

The Crystal Meth(ods)


Breaking Bad blog number 3 coming up

Hey guys, just want to take the time to write a blog for the sole purpose of appreciating the brilliant camera work in Breaking Bad, the perfect close ups for intimate or villainous moments, or just the unusual, uncommon shots that make you aware of the awkwardness and constantly on edge-ness of the whole atmosphere throughout the series!

Next time you watch an episode of Breaking Bad, just look out for those moments and appreciate.