Sorry it’s a day late

Hey everyone, okay so here’s my weekly Doctor Who revelation (what i’ve narrowed my minutely Doctor Who revelation down too).
So my housemate keeps asking me who my favourite Doctor is, and to tell you all the truth i’ve only watched Doctor who from the 9th Doctor up, so I have my pick of those three and honestly I adore them all! I love all three, I find their different qualities and personalities as the Doctors equally as clever and cunning and brilliant. However, David Tennant will probably forever be my favourite! His whole attitude as the Doctor, nerdy yet scary when you’re on his bad side, he does it so fluently and with no effort, you just cannot question it, he IS the Doctor, and when I began to watch Matt Smith as the Doctor I couldn’t make that jump, I struggled to adjust. Being so far into the Whovian Fandom, when they changed Doctors it feels like i’ve lost all my friends and packed up moved schools moved house and have to start all over again but you know you have to even if you don’t want to because you love it so much, its like moving house for you family. But now, I LOVE THE ELEVENTH! I’m not going to lie it took a while for me to get to like him, but now, I think he is GENIUS! Honestly the way he is, its so cute, he’s cute nerd and it’s excellent. 
I appreciate that this post has probably just been a fangirl rant, but my little point/revelation behind this is, we really need to give people the chance to impress us and make us see why they can be different and good, they’re not trying to be better, just different and different is good!