I am so bad at getting these out on time but again, here’s my “weekly” Doctor Who blog


I’m sorry but how underrated and short was the death of Amy and Rory! I mean what? One final episode and that’s it, no big ‘to be continued’? Excuse me what? I thought Amy was supposed to be ridiculously important she’s the Doctors best friend, they’re the parents of the doctors wife, they are important characters and in my opinion they were not given a good enough ending!
“Angels take Manhattan” don’t get me wrong was a good episode, I just don’t like the fact that after all the fighting, they gave in to it and the angels got them, true doctor fashion would have found a way to get them back. Maybe the fact that I watched that episode and then I didn’t have to wait half the year for the Christmas special I just watched it so maybe I didn’t have the time to think about it? Feel free to comment if that’s what you think it is.
There’s something I’d like to say about Amy too, I know she loved Rory of course but I think there should have been a bigger Doctor Amy relationship, because I felt like it always could have been but never was? Anyone else get this? There was always the little tricks or words that they did when she would be talking and you didn’t know if it was about Rory or the Doctor and that was clever, but maybe some of them should have been for the Doctor because I felt like she loved the Doctor like she couldn’t ever love Rory, and what’s with ‘The Girl Who Waited’, she waited what, 36 years? Rory waited 2000, so should she really have that name?
I think not.

Well this has turned out to be a Amy rant, but seriously I love Amy and Rory I just think that they missed a few things that could have made things a lot better

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