Once Upon A Blog



Finally got around to starting Once Upon A Time!

Yes, I have finally started watching Once Upon A Time! And I must admit I have already become slightly addicted to it. Although I love the story I must admit that personally I think the editing is really bad, the effects are bad too, and the acting is not the best, but it’s not really bad, but it has something about it that you can’t stop watching. The way it changes the stories you thought you knew and puts new perspective on them. I think it is such a good story! 

I really cannot stop watching this TV show now, and that’s the sign of a brilliant show, when you can’t explain why you want to keep watching but you can explain why you shouldn’t like it. Does anyone else have that? Or is it just me? 

One aspect of the story I particularly love, is that you really can’t tell if The Mayor actually does love Henry, because I think she does, yet my friend thinks she’s cruel enough to be pretending completely. I can’t wait to see how that pans out and who I want Henry to be with in the end, his biological mother or his adoptive mother. 

Another thing I love to do, is guess who the characters are before it’s revealed from which Fairytale they belong. Some I didn’t see coming, some were easy, that’s probably the best reason I have for wanting to constantly watch this show!

One thing that I really don’t like though, I think it clashes is that it appears to be aimed at families and young people, I feel like it’s aimed at children to be honest, the way the dialogue is, and the way they set the story, and then they over sexualise things really suddenly and it almost makes me feel uncomfortable, but not in a good way, I love to be taken by surprise because it doesn’t normally happen to me, I can figure things out to easily, so when something does shock me, I think it’s brilliant. But not this, this is just un-needed and stupid. I think it really brings the whole show down a touch in ratings that I would give it anyway!
But all to their own.