The Killing Perspective


Started watching Dexter from the very beginning. 

The concept for this show is so brilliant! Who comes up with a serial killer that kills serial killers?! Jeff Lindsey that’s who! the writer of the books in which the show is based on, therefore the complete creator of Dexter. James Manos Jr then had the brains and the money to create the show and then it just exploded with popularity. BRILLIANT. 

What really makes Dexter in my opinion is the acting, Michael C Hall is unbelievable, the fact you can see every little facial expression he does, he makes it obvious in a non-obvious way, only he could smirk at a murder scene, a dismembered body and get away with it, because he builds up the character so well. He IS Dexter, it’s one of those cases of perfect casting. 

Why do we root for Dexter in the first place? He is a murderer after all! He’s a bloody cool one, I will admit and it brings out the evil side of us all, that we want him to succeed and kill the killers because they don’t deserve what they have. Is it normal for us to think that though? Is it normal for us to sit and watch TV with our Partners, families, friends, whatever, and let our complete inner evil psycho escape, the psycho we keep hidden 90% of the time, all of a sudden acceptably let loose just because, you know, Dexters on.  

“I’ve lived in darkness a long time” Dexter Morgan