The Crystal Meth(ods)



Breaking Bad blog number two! 

Okay guys, this post is going to be about character quota’s. Meaning, in each television drama, usually all the characters are representing different kinds of people within the real world. I call it filling the character quota, and i’m using Breaking Bad as an example.

Okay so number one that I picked up is Jesse Pinkman. The character is the outcast. He’s the character for all the outcasts and all the people that have a part of ‘outcast’ in them to relate to, he failed school, got kicked out of home due to his drug problem and now lives alone, when Walter White (as Jesse calls him, Mr White) comes along, it’s like his little bit of hope that someone gives a crap out of him, well thats the sense I got from it anyway. And Jesse kind of latches on to him for a while, until he feels that Mr White also doesn’t give a crap, and all of a sudden he relapses into himself. It’s a relatable feeling if not a relatable situation for a lot of people. 

Next is the obvious, Walter Jr. The disabled character quota. Walters son, born with Cerebral Palsy, has speech difficulties and impaired motor control, so he uses crutches. Hugely relatable, the struggle of life for him, being bullied and pushed about his whole life, trying to fit in and being again an outcast.

Next quota to fill, the weakling. Walter White himself. Now I know he’s been diagnosed with Inoperable Lung Cancer which is tragic, but you can see by the way the character is portrayed that he is a weak person, bullied by students in his own class, his wife pushes him around, he seems just awkward at life. This is again, relatable to many people. Which gives a lot more people a lot more insight to watch the program. But however! Walter becomes the complete bad ass of the series! Which gives a bit of hope to the people who relate to him as the weakling. So i’ll use this phrase again because I like it!

It’s a relatable feeling if not a relatable situation

2 thoughts on “The Crystal Meth(ods)

  1. gelolopez says:

    I just started watching Breaking Bad. Four episodes in so far and I might say that you are right with Jesse Pinkman. I can relate to him, perhaps, because I feel like I am an outcast. I just know there is something good in him, especially that moment when he covered for his little brother who clandestinely smoke some weed.

    I am trying to blog about watching the series. 🙂

  2. I totally understand that, Jesse is my favourite character because I feel like I relate to him too, I am and have always been an outcast, so i’ve just made my own way, like he has and probably like you have.
    Yes! The moment when he went back home and tried to be a part of the family again and took the rap for his little brother, you know he’s a softie really, it’s the clue into Jesse’s mind that really he just wants to help people.
    Look forward to reading your blogs! We can exchange notes on Breaking Bad :p

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